Restoration of the villa

In 2010 the National Heritage Institute received funding from the Integrated Operational Programme in order to build a methodological centre. A sum of 179,203,478 CZK was allocated to the project entitled Centre for the Restoration of 20th Century Architectural Heritage, and was funded 85% from the ERDF and 15% from the state budget).

The restoration of the Villa Stiassni as a national monument and construction of the new lecture hall went ahead through 2012-2014. During this time, most of the changes to the interiors made during the 70s and 80s were removed, and the disposition of the villa was returned to its original 1930s state. Since the original furniture and fittings had altered in the course of their circulation through the stately home collections during the 1950s, one aim of the renovation was to try to find and reconstruct as much of the original furnishings as possible, so as to give the public a real sense of the original interior, including all the preserved details designed by Ernst Wiesner.

The garden was also renovated and in its upper section appeared a new building with a lecture hall and public facilities, designed by architect Milan Rak. Also renovated and adapted for administrative purposes was the neighbouring house of the caretaker, the work of architect Kamil Fuchs.