Weddings at the villa

Say "yes" in the lavish surroundings of a First Republic villa

If you are planning on taking this huge step to commit to sharing your life, then you should know that you can arrange a civil marriage ceremony or enter a registered partnership at the Villa Stiassni. The ceremony takes place based on a ceremony agreement entered into by the Villa Stiassni administrators (National Heritage Institute) and the tenants. The precondition for holding the ceremony is the settlement of the costs of services in connection with the ceremony.

How to go ahead and book a ceremony

  1. We first arrange a meeting at the villa where we will be happy to explain the terms and conditions of holding such an event, and take a look round at the different venues at the villa.
  2. If you decide to go ahead and hold the ceremony here, the next step is to contact officials at the register office (visit in person the Register Office of the Brno City District Office, Brno-střed, Dominikánská 2, severní budova [north building], ground floor; opening hours: Monday and Wednesday 8:00 - 17:00).
  3. After finalizing your date with the register office, you will then draw up at the villa a ceremony agreement and agree upon the details.

All participants at the ceremony are obliged to follow the Visiting Regulations and instructions of Villa Stiassni employees. Free movement around the building beyond those rooms or spaces which have been hired is not permitted. No live animals may be taken into the interior areas of the villa.

Any exceptional activities must be agreed in advance and may be included as a special clause when drawing up the wedding ceremony agreement.

We offer our tenants guided tours of the villa at the reduced rate of 75 CZK per person.

Parking at the villa is a possibility; capacity exists for approx. 50 cars.